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About US

David E. & Sheila Garnett founded iAM Solutions, LLC (iAM) in December of 2001.  iAM focuses on Business Development and Capacity building for small businesses that have patents or intellectual property.  We specialize in working with Senior Executives to develop marketing and sales strategies for disruptive technologies. 

iAM Solutions Portfolio

David E. Garnett

Prior to iAM, Mr. Garnett was Senior Vice President of Global Accounts for XEROX Corporation where his group was responsible for developing and implementing the strategy and direction for Xerox’ top 500 accounts worldwide. These accounts represented 52% of the United States revenue and 37% of the worldwide revenues.  His operational responsibilities included all sales, service and administration for Xerox’ entire portfolio of services and products.


Mr. Garnett is an expert at blending the strategic with the tactical activities to influence performance and effectuate start-ups, turnarounds and culture changes.  He is progressive and decisive with keen insight into key business processes, markets and technology drivers for policy deployment and operational excellence.  During his Xerox Career he was promoted to 16 unique sales and marketing positions.  His philosophy during his rise in the corporation was ... "never fall in love with a job or anything that can't love you back".

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Downloadable Documents

David E. Garnett's BIO
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David E. Garnett's BIO
Capabilities Statement

 6903 Luton Hill Way, Clifton VA 20124

(703) 926-9134

(703) 818-0859

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