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The Greatest Stories Never Told (GSNT)

Sheila & David E. Garnett, Executive Producers / 703.926-9134

America's ROI for their investment in HBCUs

The Maryland HBCU Lawsuit

Hampton University's Giant
Dr. William R. Harvey Retires

In preparation for the demonstration of the "EMOLIS" DATABASE (Emerging Markets Online Information Services) here's some videos to preview.  these are examples of how we capture the Greatest Stories Never told on Campus and with Alums.  I also included a favorite of the Agencies which they will use with their employees during Black History month if they are clients they sign up for the database subscriptions.

  • America's return on their investment in our Nations' HBCUs

  • The Maryland HBCU Lawsuit

  • ​Alum Profile - Dr. Jesse Russell - "The Father of 2G Digital Communications"

  • Former Hampton President William Harvey - personal story and a best practice The Proton Therapy Institute.

 Jesse Russell Father of 2G Digital Communications

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